Making the SSI Trend your friend

By: TradeSmith Research Team

Jun 01, 2016 | Investing Strategies

One of the biggest mistakes we see investors make is focusing too much on capturing the turn-points at market bottoms and tops. Yes, we all love to nail the bottom to the day and sell at the exact top, but as a long-term wealth building strategy, it just doesn’t work. We’re much better off capturing the meat in the middle….

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Is There A Maximum Trailing Stop Loss Level That Should Be Used?

By: TradeSmith Research Team

May 03, 2016 | Investing Strategies

This week the research team set out to investigate an interesting question. Is there a maximum trailing stop loss level that should be used across the board? We think that you’ll find the answer instructive. By now you are likely familiar with our Volatility Quotient (VQ). It’s the first number we look at when we’re interested in a new stock. It tells us immediately…

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Understanding and Avoiding Financial Cognitive Biases

By: TradeSmith Research Team

Jun 25, 2012 | Investing Strategies

To succeed in the market long-term, you have to make sound trading decisions – decisions based on facts, not feelings. But these five financial cognitive biases can cloud your judgment. Learn to recognize and avoid these biases to keep your trading impartial, logical, and smart. Attribution Bias It’s human instinct to want to take credit for our successes, and to…

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